Stand Up Comedian
I'm a stand up comedian based out of Scranton, PA. I have performed mainly in the PA/NY/NJ area with some appearances in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Ocean City, Maryland. I have taken the stage in a variety of venues ranging from comedy clubs and restaurants to hotels, theaters, bars, and even a casino. I also have experience with performing improv comedy. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds enjoy my performances. I am available for your comedy club, college/university, corporate event, charity benefit, restaurant, bar, wedding, birthday party, or any other event you would enjoy entertaining your guests with stand up comedy.
My act includes material inspired by my every day life, especially some of the strangest situations I've ever been in. This includes difficulties with my GPS, dealing with annoying children, and adventures with dating. Most audiences can relate to these experiences and many are happy they never had to experience them! I am a great fit for your comedy show, charity fundraiser, or corporate event.
I enjoy performing for many diverse crowds. I am comfortable in any environment. I have done many urban comedy shows in NYC, NJ, and the Poconos. I have performed with many acclaimed acts such as Pete Davidson, Andrew Shulz, Gilbert Gottfried, Artie Lange, The Reverend Bob Levy, and Rich Vos!
I am the owner of Scranton Comedy Club and Laugh Out Lepka's Comedy, LLC. I produce comedy shows throughout the northeastern Pennsylvania region and beyond. I can put together a high quality show to fit any budget. I have booked big names for these shows including Gilbert Gottfried, Andrew Schulz, Rich Vos, Artie Lange and many more. 
I also produce charity benefits so if you are in need of a fun fundraising event, please book it with Laugh Out Lepka's Comedy!
I have starred in a Doritos commercial and Denny the Delivery Boy in the  horror comedy short "Papa Primo's Apocolypse Pizza". I have also played the role of a detective in a live murder mystery dinner show. I also have a year of experience with improv comedy being a cast member of the group Unorganized Business.